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This Week in Reference: Masons and Self-Esteem

by Jennifer Schwartz 7/18/2014 2:39:00 PM
Welcome back to This Week in Reference!

Topics coming to us this past week include:
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Masonic Membership
  • Hummingbirds and artificial feeders
  • Chagas disease
And, an in-depth look at some conversations we’ve had via IM, in person, through email, or over the phone:

A student needed help finding an article about environmental science that related to her major, which in this case, was creative writing.  The librarian, undaunted, started with the Environmental Sciences Research Guide, and demonstrated how to find information in the databases Environment Complete and Academic Search Complete together.  They searched for “vocabulary or writing or rhetoric or language* or composition” AND environmental sciences (as a subject term) and were able to find quite a few promising articles.

A librarian was asked for help locating scholarship about self-esteem for a business psychology class.  The student was hoping to demonstrate the importance of self-esteem for entrepreneurs, specifically in developing countries.  The librarian started with the Management Research Guide and they searched in Business Source Complete for terms “self-esteem” and “success in business”, as subject headings.  The librarian also suggested some books, including The Power of Self-Esteem, published by the American Management Association.
This Week in Reference:  July 6 - July 12, 2014

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