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Changes to Library Services on Suburban Campuses

by Scott Walter 5/21/2014 11:42:00 AM
The DePaul University Library locations currently housed on the Suburban Campuses will close permanently at the end of their regularly-scheduled service hours on June 13, 2014. Faculty and students will continue to have access to library resources and services through services such as Ask-a-Librarian, online research guides and tutorials, and digital collections including electronic journals, e-books, licensed databases providing 24/7 access to thousands of full-text titles, image collections, and more.

Faculty, staff, and students also will continue to be able to request that materials from the DePaul University Library be delivered to them at Suburban Campus locations.  Materials from other libraries will likewise continue to be available through interlibrary loan. Information on pick-up and drop-off locations for library materials on each campus will be available from Suburban Campus administrative staff.

Susan Shultz will serve as liaison librarian to the Suburban Campuses and is available to discuss library services with suburban faculty, staff, and students. Additional information on library services available to faculty, staff, and students on the Suburban Campuses is available here.


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