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This Week in Reference: Food and Indic Art

by Jennifer Schwartz 3/14/2014 12:35:00 PM
Herakles by Euripedes This week, we’ve seen some recurring assignments, including research about the animation of Walt Disney, Roman Architecture, and the history of food – including the history of lasagna!  Other topics have included:
  • Pipo Nguyen-Duy
  • Collaborative learning models    
  • Herakles

And, some interesting conversations we’ve had via IM, in person, email, or over the phone:

A student asked for help finding information about food deserts in Chicago.  Since the student was already searching through Academic Search Complete, the librarian suggested searching through all of the EBSCO databases together with the terms “food deserts” and Chicago.  While they found some material, the librarian suggested that more scholarly information would be available about food deserts in urban areas in general, not necessarily specific to Chicago.  To find more material only about Chicago, a search through some Chicago area newspapers, links available from our Newspapers and News Stories Guide, would round out the research.

A student was looking for material about Post-WWI Italy, focusing on the years just after the war ended.  The librarian suggested starting with the database Historical Abstracts, explained how to limit the search to certain historical periods, and suggested a search for “Italy” as a Geographic term, along with the keyword “interwar”.  The librarian recommended adding additional terms or concepts or names (e.g. Mussolini) that the student might wish to research. 

Indian Art A student needed help finding material on Indian art during the Ganga period, because she was coming up with too much material about North America.  The librarian explained that searching for “Indian art” finds material about American Indians, while a search for “Indic art” finds material about South Asia.  With this piece of information, they were able to narrow their search and find some very useful material.



This Week in Reference: Mar 2-7, 2014

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