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Artists' Books Exhibit

by Michael Donovan 1/21/2014 9:00:00 AM

Please stop by the Information Commons in the John T. Richardson Library to view our latest exhibit:

Artist's Books: a Selection from Special Collections and Archives, DePaul Univerity Library

Artist’s books are, quite simply, books made or conceived by artists. They can be made by hand or commercially printed, bound in a traditional codex form or constructed more like a sculptural object. Self-published or produced by small presses, the books can be printed in a limited edition or exist as unique objects. Techniques involved in making them are varied, drawing on multiple modes of art-making including letterpress, printmaking, photography, and computer-generated imagery. The almost limitless possibilities have drawn artists to the genre for decades.

The artist’s books collection in Special Collections and Archives at DePaul University Library began in the late 1990s with the acquisition of a number of artist-made books published in Cuba by Ediciones Vigí. Building on this initial purchase, the department has actively collected artist’s books, often selecting books that complement the subject areas in which the library currently collects.  This exhibit is a sampling of some of the artist’s books available to library patrons.

The books in this exhibit are divided into four sections: religion, women and gender, social justice, and books that challenge or engage with the notion of a book’s structure. Many of these books require interaction on the part of the reader to create meaning. Some tell a story, but lack a traditional linear narrative, while others seem to focus solely on design. As these artists work with various modes of production and styles, they produce new ways interacting with their work and engaging viewers with content-specific forms.

For more information about this collection, and these books, please contact or visit Special Collections and Archives in the John T. Richardson Library, Room 314.

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