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New Roles for Library Staff

by Scott Walter 10/17/2013 12:46:00 PM

Over the summer, a number of staff members moved into new and/or expanded roles as the DePaul University Library continues to focus on enhancing existing services while also focusing new attention on areas identified in its newly-adopted strategic plan. Among the staff members with new administrative portfolios in the library are:

Amelia Brunskill, who, in her new role as Coordinator of Collections and Scholarly Resources, is responsible for the development of library collections and content and for the assessment of library collections and their support for academic programs across the university. Amelia serves as the library’s representative on a number of consortial collections programs, including our membership in the Center for Research Libraries, and is also responsible for working with faculty and administrators proposing new academic programs that require library support.

Paula Dempsey, who, in her new role as Coordinator of the Loop Library, is responsible for the delivery of library services on the Loop Campus. Paula serves as the library’s primary liaison to Loop Campus faculty, students, and co-curricular programs and collaborates with Library Administration to ensure that the Loop Library’s distinctive needs and contributions to University Library programs are recognized as part of library planning efforts. Paula has also taken on the role of Library Assessment Coordinator, in which she will provide support for her library colleagues and for other academic units by developing a program of ongoing, iterative, and meaningful inquiry across the library to demonstrate the its value to the University, to support data-driven decision making, and to promote continuous improvement of services and resources.

Heather Jagman, who, in her new role as Coordinator of Reference, Instruction, and Academic Engagement, is responsible for the design and delivery of information and instructional services provided through the library, as well as for engaging an array of library partners in the development of complementary service programs, including the programs from Academic Affairs and Student Affairs currently contributing to the launch of the Learning Commons. Heather is responsible for working with faculty and other colleagues to ensure that DePaul students are introduced to the information literacy and critical thinking skills central to a 21st-century education and for ensuring that DePaul library users benefit from the expertise of all our library staff through information services such as our research consultations and digital reference service.

Please feel free to contact any of our new library service coordinators if you have questions about the services available to you or your students.

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