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Government resources affected by the shutdown

by Amelia Brunskill 10/2/2013 10:09:00 AM

The government shutdown has affected many government run websites and databases. The US Census Bureau, Library of Congress and National Archives & Records Administration websites are shut down, which means we do not have access to resources such as USA Trade Online, and the Country Studies webpage. The ERIC database is still accessible through our EBSCO platform including links to the full text of published articles; however the full text of government-hosted ERIC documents is not available. Other sites are functional but not being maintained or updated, including sites from the National Library of Medicine, such as PubMed, and the Center for Disease Control.

As an alternative to the, try SimplyMap (search for it by name in the library search site above WorldCat Local) for statistics down to the census tract and block level.  You'll have to create a free account to use it.

As an alternative for Country Studies, try a comparable database at

As an alternative for PubMed try one of the other databases on our Nursing and Medicine Research guide at


Please contact a librarian if you need help locating information that you would usually access through one of these sources. 

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