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DePaul Library Brings Student Journalism and DePaul History to Life

by Andrea Bainbridge 10/11/2013 2:00:00 PM

DePaulia, May 21, 1925DePaulia, April  26, 1957

DePaul University Library has digitized and released ninety years’ worth of the DePaulia and Alethia student newspapers on its Digital Collections site. The newspapers are the latest additions to the DePaul Heritage Collections that include digitized photos of DePaul University buildings, as well as the DePaulian yearbook and the Minerval student journal.

University Archives has long maintained a collection of the DePaulia and Alethia in hardcopy. The keyword-searchable digital version of the papers also allows us to explore student life at DePaul in detail, see how national and world events influenced its campuses, and follow trends in everything from fashion and advertising to campus controversies. Frequent coverage of the University’s administration and faculty make the papers an excellent resource for research on a wide variety of DePaul-related topics. DePaulia, May 24, 1996Alethia, November 11, 1970While the DePaulia is still a familiar sight, The Alethia was an alternative student paper only published from 1967 to 1971. Its counter-cultural perspective and coverage of social issues in the Lincoln Park neighborhood stood in contrast to the typical DePaulia fare of the time. The Library has also digitized the DePaul Poll Parrot, a humorous paper that debuted in early 1923, before evolving into the more familiar DePaulia later that year.

The Library site will eventually include all the hardcopy DePaulia editions collected by University Archives, with new infusions each year as the Archives collects and digitizes the most current editions. While the department has a relatively complete run of the DePaulia, users will discover some gaps in the digitized collections. Missing editions may be due to a variety of causes, including a few cases where the original paper was too fragile to handle for digitization. University Archives will work with alumni, faculty and staff to identify, collect and digitize these missing editions.

For more information on the digitization project or other resources from DePaul’s past, contact Special Collections and Archives at or 773.325.7864.


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