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READ @ DePaul University Library

by Scott Walter 9/25/2013 8:55:00 AM

The DePaul University Library has launched a variety of new initiatives in recent years to support recreational reading and to promote greater awareness of literacy initiatives across the university, including Unwind the Mind: Popular Reading Collection, “pop-up shops” promoting reading during breaks in the academic calendar, and the President’s Book Club research guides. Beginning this year, the library will collaborate with DePaul faculty, staff, and students to launch a new campaign encouraging members of the DePaul community to “READ @ the library.”
DePaul Women's Basketball Team shown on READ Poster. Click image to see more READ postersBased on the “Celebrity READ” campaign sponsored by the American Library Association since 1980, DePaul’s READ campaign will feature “local celebrities” sharing works that have been especially important to them. “Celebrity READ” posters have featured artists and athletes, including Bill Cosby, Julia Stiles, Yao Ming, and Chicago’s own Common, as well as scientists and innovators, including Stephen Hawking and Bill Gates. For DePaul’s initial series of READ posters, the University Library is proud to collaborate with DePaul Athletics and the Society of Vincent de Paul Professors to feature DePaul coaches, student athletes, and award-winning faculty. To view all DePaul READ posters, visit the READ poster gallery.
Each year during National Library Week, the library will unveil a new series of READ posters celebrating the favorite works of our faculty, staff, and students. Do you have a friend, classmate, teammate, co-worker, or professor who you believe should be featured on a DePaul University Library READ poster? If you do, you can nominate him or her by completing the form below. Nominations received by January 15th each year will be considered for that year’s READ posters.
Until then, join Dibs, Coach Doug Bruno, Coach Oliver Purnell, and our outstanding student athletes and “READ @ the DePaul University Library”!


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