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Italian Renaissance Learning Resources

by Michael Donovan 7/30/2013 11:29:00 AM

Recently, the National Gallery of Art and Grove Art Online announced the creation of a new online resource for Renaissance art and history.

The Italian Renaissance Learning Resources website consists of eight units, each focusing on a particular aspect of Renaissasnce art, such as self-portraiture, the depiction of the Virgin and Child, or the influence of Roman art and architecture on Renaissance artists. In addition to high-quality digital images, each unit contains scholarly essays, discussion questions, and activities geared toward various levels of users. There is also some primary-source material, though it is transcribed, rather than a digital facsimile. For students beginning to study the art of Renaissance Italy, as well as seasoned scholars, this web module provides a wealth of information and images.

To learn more about DePaul University Libraries digital-image collections, as well as information on additional image resources, look at the guide for Digital Images page.

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