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by Jim LeFager 6/14/2013 11:03:00 AM

FAQStarting on Monday, June 17th, the library will be migrating to a new system for FAQs.  This is done in part to prepare for the coming migration to Sharepoint, but also because of the added features available in this new system.  This new platform will allow us to integrate FAQs across the library website, research guides and other platforms as well as offer some cool features to our users. 

With this new system users can:

  • See potential answers as they type
  • Submit questions to librarians directly from the page if we don’t already have a FAQ prepared
  • Access FAQs from the library's mobile website:  DePaul University Library Mobile Site
  • Email yourself a FAQ

In preparation for the move we have migrated over all of the previous FAQs but for any user who has bookmarked any of the FAQs from the previous system, we recommend that you update your bookmarks.  For the time being we will be redirecting anyone who comes in to the old urls to the new one, but you will have to search in order to locate the new FAQ. 

For anyone who would like to see the new system in action before the change next week can see a preview here: DePaul Library Faqs

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