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by Jim LeFager 5/1/2013 9:18:00 AM

Did you know that several library tools and databases have native apps that you can download and install on your devices.  These are available freely from the Apple Markets and Google Play store, and require a few additional steps in order to connect as a DePaul user to get the full access to content available to DePaul students, faculty and staff.  These mobile apps have all been tested to ensure that they will connect to DePaul University Library resources, allowing access from on and off campus, and can always be found on our Library Hacks Page under Mobile Hacks. 

EBSCOHost Search across any of the available EBSCOhost databases, including Academic Search Complete and more to access articles, including full text on your device.  This is available from both the Apple Store, and Google Play Store. There are several steps you will need to take in order to active this app to include your DePaul access, but once you have done this you will have access from on and off campus for 9 months. After 9 months you can repeat the activation steps to continue using the app.  

You can find the steps on the Mobile Hacks page under EBSCOHost by clicking on Learn More

NAXOS Music Library

Listen to and access streaming music from Naxos Music library from multiple devices. This is available from the Apple Store and Google Play Store. To access the full features provided by this app, including access to DePaul Library subscription content and playlists, you will need to create an account with Naxos Music Library. After taking these steps, you will have access to Naxos streaming music from on and off campus and can sign in to the app using your account. This allows you to access your playlist, or search for any track or artist and listen to streaming music on your device.  

Science Direct

Connect to Science Direct and download the app available from the Apple Store, and Google Play Store. Access full text when available for any article, with the option to export articles to your device or via email. To access the full features provided by this app, including access to DePaul Library subscription content, you will need to create an account with ScienceDirect and then activate the app with your DePaul email. You can see the ScienceDirect support page for more information


PubGet While not a library database, PubGet connects you to journals and articles focusing on the life sciences.  This functions much like Google Scholar and can be connected to DePaul University Library resources.  PubGet offers a free iPad App that lets you search, read, and save pdfs from on and of campus and connects to DePaul University Library database materials as long as you use the Set Institution dropdown and set it to DePaul University. 


There are also several databases that offer mobile web access from the browser.  You can always find which databases are mobile-ready by heading to our Mobile Databases page on your device. This includes the following databases:

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