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Textbook 101

by Alexis Burson 12/18/2012 3:34:00 PM

Stack of BooksLooking for a textbook? If an instructor places a reserves request for a textbook, the library will order one copy for students to use in the library. Otherwise, the library does not purchase textbooks because they are expensive, go out of date quickly and only help one person per class. 

If you do find a textbook in our circulating collection or through I-Share, our interlibrary loan system for books, we still recommend you buy a copy if it's something you need all quarter because the books could be recalled if others place requests for them.

Tips for saving money on textbooks:

While purchasing textbooks is an expected cost of going to college--along with paying tuition, dorm/rental expenses, buying school supplies, a parking pass and a meal plan--there are ways to ease the financial strain. If you choose not to buy or rent your textbooks from the campus bookstore, consider:

  • Comparision shopping from local booksellers, fellow students, and the many new and used online bookstores
  • Sharing textbooks with classmates (Be prepared to negotiate who gets to use a textbook the night before an exam!)
  • Asking your instructor if he or she might be willing to put an extra copy of a textbook on course reserve in the library

This article from the New York Times offers additional cost-saving options:

Welcome back, and best of luck this quarter!

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