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International Games Day at the Loop Campus Library

by M Ryan Hess 10/30/2012 9:24:00 AM

Attention gamers: if you like video games, card games or board games, the DePaul University Library has an event for you!

This Saturday, November 3rd, from 12pm to 5pm, the DePaul Library at the Loop Campus will pull video games from our video game collection as well as traditional board games from our game vault and make them available for play at the Loop Library, on the 10th floor of the DePaul Center on the Loop Campus. The event is part of International Games Day and is being held in participation with the DePaul University Computer Game Program and the American Library Association.

The 5th annual International Games Day involves libraries from across North America as well as some in the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan and many other countries. More information can be found from the American Library Association.

The DePaul event will include game titles for the PS3, Xbox and Wii platforms from our video game collection. As always, all games will be available for checkout to members of the DePaul community. We will also have Octodad available to play, a game developed by former students from DePaul. And Dr. Jose Zagal from the Computer Game Development program will be on hand to provide information on what the College of Computing and Digital Media is doing with this innovative area of study.

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10/30/2012 11:13:51 PM

excellent! will check it out


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