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How to Access I-Share and E-books

by M Ryan Hess 9/19/2012 3:36:00 PM

Many library website users have asked similar questions about the Library’s new homepage and search engine, DePaul WorldCat Local, so we wanted to provide some answers.

Q: Where did the E-books link go?

A: In the past, you could only find e-books through separate e-book platforms (Books 24x7, Safari, etc.). DePaul WorldCat Local now offers the ability to search across these platforms with one search. Simply search for any keyword, title or author and then select the E-Book filter under Formats on the left of the result screen. Clicking the View Now link will get you instant access to the E-book.



We understand though that sometimes you may prefer to use a specific e-book platform and this can still be the best way to see more recent additions to these collections. You can also access individual E-book platforms (such as Safari or Books 24x7) by searching for the platform name in the Library Site Search box or browsing via the A-Z Databases link found in the Library Tools section on the homepage.


Q: Where did the I-Share link go?

A: DePaul WorldCat Local provides access to locally-held DePaul items, I-Share items and also items from thousands of other libraries beyond I-Share. If you only want I-Share items, select I-Share from the dropdown. If you only want DePaul items, select DePaul University.



Q: Why did the Library change the website and search engine?

A: Our old website and search engine were out of synch with current user research and did not account for the changing nature of our collections. By boiling down the options on the homepage to the tasks that our data identified as the most important to our users and leveraging DePaul WorldCat Local’s power, we aimed to simplify the user experience while increasing access to library resources.

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