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New Services for Faculty: OCLC Reciprocal Borrowing and ‘Start-Up’ Funds for New Faculty

by Jim Galbraith 8/31/2012 3:05:00 PM

The Library often receives good input from faculty through our Librarian Liaison program. Two of the services we have received the most requests for over the past few years are expanded borrowing privileges at other research libraries in the region, including the University of Chicago and Northwestern, and support for new faculty to enable them to purchase new resources in support of their research and teaching. The Libraries are happy to announce the launch of two new programs addressing these needs.

OCLC Reciprocal Borrowing: The DePaul Libraries recently joined the OCLC Reciprocal Borrowing Program, a cooperative borrowing program that facilitates faculty use of research libraries across North America. Through this program full-time DePaul faculty members can gain borrowing privileges and on-site access to the collections of the nearly 200 libraries that participate in the program, including the University of Chicago, Northwestern and Loyola. For more details, please see the program description:

For a list of participating institutions, please visit the OCLC web site:

To obtain a card, please contact our Access Services department: 773-325-7862

‘Start-Up’ Funds for New Faculty: New faculty bring diverse research interests to DePaul, often requiring the library to do retrospective collecting to meet their needs. This year, the library is setting aside funds for all new tenure-track faculty to make one-time purchases of new materials for their research and instruction.  Purchases might include print books, e-books, or data sets, items that do not involve ongoing subscription costs. Journals and databases are not included as they carry ongoing subscription costs. Please contact your library liaison if there are journals or databases you would like us to consider purchasing; we prioritize faculty requests for these items when funding is available.

For more information about these new programs and other services visit our Information For Faculty Online Guide, contact your Library Liaison or Jim Galbraith, Associate Director for Collections and Scholarly Resources.

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