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Let the Games Begin: New Video Games in the Loop Library

by Evan Finneke 5/8/2012 4:48:00 PM
The game selection at the DePaul Loop library is growing, and with a list of new titles including Battlefield, Dark Souls, and the award winning Batman Arkham City, just try and find an excuse to not grab one of these popular games from the shelf.  

Deus Ex, Human Revolution
Ever needed an upgrade?  Well, welcome to the world of Deus Ex, where any human can upgrade their bodies and their brains with ease, and where the video gamer has their choice on just how they will play the game.  Trigger happy, then feel free to unleash chaos with ample bullets, but if stealth is more your style, Deus Ex has designed the game for multiple styles of play.  Take back control of your virtual world and grab Deus Ex for Xbox next time you're in the library.
(Loop Media, Call Number: 794.8 D486sXbox360 Game)

Metroid Prime 3, Corruption
After a long wait, Metroid is back, and on Wii it's better than ever before. Plug in and start blasting away at space pirates and unfriendlies as one of video games' most iconic characters, female bounty hunter Samus Aran. Changes to this classic franchise include significant design details, numerous landing zones and three dimensional maps, as well as a whole new handful of bosses to take on as well as the occasional friend which, is something Samus has rarely seen before.
(Loop Media, Call Number: 794.8 M5942n3Wii Game)

Uncharted 3, Drakes Deception
Explorer Nathan Drake is up to his old tricks in PS3's Uncharted 3 (nominated for Game of The Year) and looking for the fabled "Atlantis of the Sands."  Included in this chapter are new locations and better fighting graphics; however the point of the game hasn't changed.  As Nathan Drake, players will have to dissect puzzles and avoid numerous enemies, which include a number of complex chases sequences, as you travel from one exotic location to the next. Pick it up today at the DePaul Center library and see what all the commotion is about.
(Loop Media, 794.8 U546sPS3)

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