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Sage e-Reference Tops Wikipedia

by Paula Dempsey 11/6/2011 2:11:00 PM

Students who are sage (characterized by profound wisdom and sound judgment) know that citations to Wikipedia do not make a helpful impression on professors. But it's also wise to save time by getting some quick background on a topic before diving into your research. One answer to this paradox?  SAGE eReference Encyclopedias  

•    Search 200+ resources at once
•    Articles written by experts
•    Resources list for further reading
•    Citation to a credible academic source 

When to use SAGE:
•    Can't think of a topic for a research project – try browsing the contents list for ideas
•    Starting research on an unfamiliar topic – get specific terms (and spelling!), names, dates, and places
•    Need to narrow a broad topic – find out the important issues and controversies
•    Trying to win a bar bet – quick, easy, and accessible from anywhere

SAGE e-Reference is only one of a huge set of online resources. If it doesn’t pan out for your project, see the Research Guides or Ask A Librarian by phone, email, text, or instant message.

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