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Get 'Em While They're Fresh: New Books for September

by Geoff Pettys 9/14/2011 3:19:00 PM

Dr. Seuss and Philosopy coverLike countless others, I grew up reading, and loving, Dr. Seuss. Yet unlike other childhood favorites, I never really grew tired of his books. There is something irresistible about his whimsical prose, and his stories have a subtle complexity that resonates with all age levels; they can simultaneously be simple, silly tales or rich, moral fables. The new collection of essays, Dr. Seuss and Philosophy : Oh, the Thinks you can Think!, explains the lasting appear of Dr. Seuss. Drawing examples from The Lorax, The Grinch, The Sneetches (my personal favorite), and many others, this collection explores the many philosophical dimensions of Dr. Seuss’ books. Available at the Richardson Library, 813.52 D6372. 

The Stweart/Colbert Effect coverThe focus of comedy news shows is, of course, to get laughs. However,'The Daily Show' and 'The Colbert Report' also offer serious political commentary; they simply use satire as their choice means of delivery. There is no question that the world of entertainment can influence viewers’ opinions (after all, isn’t that precisely why celebrities endorse products?), but what effect might this have on an individual’s political opinions? The new book, The Stewart/Colbert: Essays on the Real Impacts of Fake News, explores this and other issues concerning satire and the media in general. Available at the Richardson Library, 791.45617 S852.

M101 Weird Ways to Make Money Coverillions of people the world over have felt the consequences of the economic downturn; unemployment has risen and job growth has remained relatively stagnant. However, for those with a more entrepreneurial spirit, this may just be the perfect time to start a new business. The new book, 101 Weird Ways to Make Money: Cricket Farming, Repossessing Cars, and Other Jobs with Big Upside and Not Much Competition, explores some of the more unconventional business opportunities that exist, despite the market climate. Available at the Loop campus library, 331.7 G4821.

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