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Library SharePoint Migration, Part 4: Deployment

by M Ryan Hess 7/1/2011 10:05:00 AM

After months of research, staff consultations, user studies and pouring over analytics data, I'm happy to report that we have deployed a major update to the library portal in preparation for migration to SharePoint.

If I had to sum up the changes we made to the library portal in one word, that would "Consolidation."

Thanks to the hard work of the Web Services team and the Libraries' Web Advisory Committee, we were able to reduce the number of pages on the portal by about 40%, from about 125 pages to 75, while still providing the same access to our library resources.

Among the changes you'll see:

  • A streamlined, task-oriented navigation system.
  • A redesigned Ask a librarian widget
  • A complete redesign of the Special Collections & Archives site
  • A new All Things Vincentian Portal page
  • And half a dozen other enhancements to our staff directory, hours pages, and more.
We expect these changes will greatly simplify the user experience on our portal...or put another way...people will find what they need quickly and with less effort. But we are just getting started. As we move to SharePoint, we plan on implementing even more improvements with the long-term goal of putting DePaul on the map as a University with a best-in-class library portal.

So with that, I invite you to take a look around and try out the new features.

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