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New Electronic Journal Launched Successfully

by Brent Nunn 2/8/2011 4:38:00 PM

Launched in early 2010 by DePaul University faculty, the Journal of Religion and Business Ethics is an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal that examines the ethical and religious issues that arise in today's global economy.

Inspired by the success of the Vincentian Heritage Journal, the JRBE editors use "Editkit," Berkely Electronic Press (BE Press), and Via Sapientiae -- tools offered through DePaul University Libraries -- as a launching platform. These platforms allow editors to send issues electronically to those on their mailing lists, while also allowing users to freely download issues of the journal.

Now on its third issue, editors can already boast over two-thousand downloads. Thomas O'Brien (Religious Studies, DePaul University) -- one of the journal's founding editors -- notes that even though the software has been easy to use, launching a new journal has been a lot of work. But the work has been fulfilling, too: "There was a gap in the literature," says O'Brien, "many secular schools teach business ethics, but most of the religious content has been expunged. Scott [Paeth, Religous Studies, DePaul University] and I saw an opportunity for this journal to fill that gap."

Paeth agrees: "We see our work as completely in line with Depaul's commitment to Vincentian personalism. How you act in your everyday life and in the economic sphere is important; we are looking at this intersection of academic business ethics and religious ethics and examining questions of how people who are religious conduct themselves in the business world. People have been telling us that [with this journal] we’re breaking new ground."

To download an issue of the Journal of Religion and Business Ethics go to:

Are you interested in e-publishing for your present journal?  Are you interested in starting a new online journal?  For more information on Editkit, BEPress, Via Sapientiae contact Ryan Hess:

Journal of Religion and Business Ethics: Managing Editor, Thomas O'Brien (DePaul University); Editor, Scott Paeth (DePaul University); Associate Editors, Rev. Patrick Flanagan (St. John's University) and Elizabeth Collier (Dominican University); Editorial Board, Charles Curran (Southern Methodist) and Pat Werhane (DePaul University and University of Virginia Darden School of Business).   

Image Credit:  Lucas Cranach the Elder. "Christ Drives the Usurers out of the Temple." 

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