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Textbook Mania

by Alexis Burson 1/8/2010 12:30:00 PM

Welcome back students!  At this time of the year, the library gets a lot of questions about textbooks.  So, you may find yourself asking, "Does the library carry my textbook?"  The answer is "Maybe."  Here's why....

While we don't typically carry textbooks, we may own a book that's being used in your course.  Bear in mind that you should purchase a book if needing it for an entire quarter.  If it's something you need short-term like a novel you have to read for class or material to support an essay you're writing, getting the book from the library is a good option.

Another question we get all the time is "Can I order my textbook through I-Share?"  Our answer is "We don't recommend it."  Often, our students need the latest edition, which is not always available in I-Share, a group of academic libraries with which we partner.  Even if the correct edition is available we don't recommend it.  The book will be recalled after a certain amount of time and you'll be stuck without your textbook halfway into the quarter.  Some students have had books recalled into the quarter and have been unable to buy them because the bookstore no longer carried copies.  We've seen this before and would hate for it to happen to you! 

So, to wrap it up, we love it when you come to the library and we want you to get your books here, but borrowing textbooks is not recommended in place of purchasing. Remember, you'll need those textbooks the entire quarter! 

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1/12/2010 9:59:52 PM

Coming from a students perspective, I have used I-Share multiple times and I personally believe it is one of the best kept secrets of the library. With the hundreds of dollars I spend on books each quarter the costs can be overwhelming. Using I-Share (when the books are available) has saved me hundreds of dollars in loans. As far as using the wrong editions, Ive found that it never hurts to reserve the book on I-Share then compare the editions to the ones that the professor suggests. In every single instance (at least four times) the book has been (from what I can tell) exactly the same except for the front cover and page numbers (sometimes the publishers just switch the chapters). Borrowing textbooks from I-share isnt right for everyone. Its inconvenient, there are only have a couple copies (if any) of the textbook you need, and you always run the risk of it being recalled; however, if you are willing to put up with the inconvenience and would be open to sharing a textbook with a classmate if the book is recalled then I think you should have every right to do this and should be encouraged to use this as a resource. I also believe that every class should have a textbook on reserve so that students who cant afford textbooks have the option to use it...but thats a whole other discussion. I say bravo! to the library for providing such a great resource to its students. The library is environmentally friendly and, since its inception, provided all with the opportunity for free learning.

Christina DeArment

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