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Returning Library Books during Intersession

by beth 12/1/2009 1:22:00 PM

Still have library items checked out? No worries! Both the Lincoln Park and the Loop Libraries have book drops accessible over break.

At the Loop Campus, a bookdrop is located outside the 10th floor DePaul Center entrance to the library. After hours access to the building is restricted by security officers. In Lincoln Park, a bookdrop can be found in the entrance foyer to Kelly Hall at 2350 N. Kenmore Avenue. However, this foyer is locked after hours and when the University is closed during holidays. The only exterior bookdrop accessible 24/7 is located on the Lincoln Park Campus just outside the quad-side entrance to Kelly Hall and the Richardson Library. Items checked out from all DePaul library locations can be returned to this book drop. One note: the DePaul Libraries will be closed starting December 23rd until the start of the new year; items returned during this period will not be checked-in until we reopen on Saturday, January 2nd. 

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