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Image Collection Content Update

by Michael Donovan 9/17/2009 3:42:00 PM

Proportional Study

The Image Collection has added content in the following areas:

Ancient Art: Roman Painting

Northern Renaissance Art: Art from the Burgundian Court of Charles the Bold

Renaissance Art: Paintings and Drawings by Leonardo da Vinci

Baroque Art: Dutch cityscapes of the Golden Age

African Art: Costumes and Ritual Objects of the Zulu and Maasai Cultures

Modern Art: Work by James Ensor, Arthur Dove, Peter Blake, the Italian Futurists and the German artist group known as Die Brücke

Photography: The work of Robert Mapplethorpe and Ana Mendieta

For more information about the Image Collection, or for assistance in locating images, contact the Image Collection staff.  

Image: Leonardo da Vinci. Proportional Study of a Man in the Manner of Vitruvius. 1492. Gallerie dellAccademia di Venezia



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