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What is I-Share and can I use it to get my textbooks?

by Alexis Burson 7/18/2008 3:43:00 PM

DePaul belongs to I-Share, a consortium of over 70 libraries in Illinois.  It's a great system because it allows DePaul users to borrow bookbookss from any of the I-Share institutions.  So if there's something you need that we don't have, see if it's available in the I-Share catalog and request it to be sent to a DePaul library of your choice using your library borrower I.D. (on the back of the DePaul I.D. above the barcode).  If you need something immediately, you can stop by a local I-Share library and check out a book in person with your DePaul I.D (some of the local I-Share libraries include Roosevelt, Columbia and University of Illinois at Chicago).  When you're done with a book, simply drop it off at any of the DePaul University Libraries and we'll return it for you!

Now, about your textbook question, I-Share is a great option for getting books not readily available at DePaul, but we highly discourage students to use it for textbooks.  Often, our students need the latest edition, which is not always available in I-Share.  Even if the correct edition is available, it can be recalled at any time so there is no guarantee that you will have a textbook as long as you need.  We often see students get stuck without a textbook mid-way through a quarter and would hate for this to happen to you! 

So, to wrap it up, I-Share is good for ordering books, but is not recommended in place of purchasing textbooks.  Remember, you'll need those textbooks the entire quarter! 

*Gadl. Les Cavernes Aux Livres. <>.

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